Hello! My name is Marc Alabanza.

If you’ve found your way here to my site, I believe you would like to be safer, healthier, more aware, more self-sufficient, and more in control of yours and your family’s wellness. I would like to help you achieve that. I recommend an approach to our lifestyles that can put us more in touch with our bodies, our history, our instincts and our amazing ability to adapt to all circumstances. Not all of us should eat, exercise and think exactly the same, but we should all know WHY we do what we do, and WHY think what we think. With an understanding of why things happen for us, we can make better choices and ultimately evolve on our individual paths toward wellness and enlightenment.


I created marcsadventures.com to connect to "Fellow Seekers" of the wonders of life. I have met many wonderful Seekers in my travels, in my work, and through serendipitous coincidence. 


This site is a way for amazing, interesting, passionate, and well connected people to come together with the collection of their experiences, information, and concerns about being a healthy, happy human being and share them with each other.

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Wellness Retreat in the Berkshires, MA: May 15-19, 2017 : groundseafitness.com

Wellness Retreat in the Berkshires, MA: May 20-23, 2016 : groundseafitness.com




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