Disaster Preparedness Consultation

Urban Survival situations can and do occur during natural and man-made disasters. FEMA and other government agencies require that civilians be prepared to “shelter-in-place” for the first 72 hours after a disaster occurs. I believe the first step in being Prepared is creating a Plan of Action. This Plan should be thought out and created, not under the duress of a disaster itself (e.g. Creating a plan for purchasing fire extinguishers and where to mount them in the house is NOT best done when the house is already on fire!!).  A proper Plan will involve acquiring necessary RESOURCES and SKILLS to mitigate known situations and threats that are likely to occur in one’s geographic/regional area. Like having a wrench (resource) and knowing where the gas main to the house is, and how to use that wrench to turn off the gas main valve after an earthquake (skills) are key preparations that go hand in hand when dealing with the disaster of an earthquake.

Unfortunately, the current Disaster Preparedness or “prepper” methodology has too much focus placed on acquiring material gear (e.g. Earthquake Kits, 24/48/72 Hour Supply Bags, “Bug-out” bags, guns, ammo, MRE’s, medic kits, etc.) but not much emphasis on learning Skills. This focus on material objects infers that one can become “prepared” overnight by just purchasing some specialized kits. Unfortunately, just because someone has a tool or kit, does not mean they have spent the necessary time to hone the skills needed to use that tool or kit effectively and efficiently.

As with Backcountry or Wilderness survival situations, Urban Survival situations can and do occur during natural and man-made disasters. To prepare for any of these Disasters, I emphasize proper PLANNING, COMMUNICATION, and constant SKILLS procurement/practice in all phases.  For example, Planning: creating a communication protocol/Voicemail system, and planning to get certified in First Aid/CPR. Communication Plan: if a disaster occurs, every family member calls the voicemail system, leaves a message with their status (medical & other) and location, and listens to the messages so they know everyone else’s status & location. Skills: Briefing all members of current Medical issues/needs, First Aid training, Keeping one’s cellphone  or spare battery always charged, maintaining a fitness capacity to be able to employ and execute Plans, etc .

Fundamental Principles:
1) Proper mindset is key in every situation: What you do matters!!
2) Knowledge and experience trump trivia & gear
3) Actual experience vs. theory;  knowing vs. knowing about.
4) OPSEC (Operational Security) in the contemporary environment.
5) Being beyond Fit and healthy, but actually being “Fit to be Useful”
6) Assembling a community of resources and people.


Disaster Preparedness Consultation for Individuals and Families

– Family disaster plans
– Insurance considerations
– Resource management in the home
– Creation and development of an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
– Family Communications

Preparedness Workshops

– 1 Day Family Preparedness Planning Level1   $625

Creating a customized Disaster Protocol for your family including Emergency Communications plan, personal Disaster Kit, Evacuation & Reunion Plan, emergency supply cache evaluation & resources.


– 1 Day Family Preparedness Planning Level2   $750

Advanced Disaster Protocols & Redundancy for your family including emergency power systems, long term food storage, Resource Resilience planning, and other advanced concepts.


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