Backcountry Skills & SAR Training

Most of what is promoted as “survival skills” or “primitive skills” are pure novelty, and would only be of help if you crash landed a plane in the wilderness. These situations being unlikely to happen and random, most people see little value in acquiring these skills. But I believe there are many benefits to learning and experiencing these “primitive skills” when viewed as principles for problem solving in the modern world.

My various Search and Rescue (SAR), Wilderness/Backcountry, Hunting, Outdoor, Survival and International Travel experiences have taught me that there are many fundamental skills learned in the outdoors that come in handy and translate well into useable Urban, problem solving skills.




Outdoor Skills Workshops

– 4 Hour Orienteering/Navigation/Map Reading Workshop  $425

This introductory course will cover use of USGS/topo maps, reading topography, UTM coordinates, triangulation of location, using a map & compass, using GPS, using wilderness orienteering concepts in the city, etc.


– 4 Hour Introduction to Rock Climbing  $425

This introductory course covers basic equipment orientation, principles of climbing, climbing techniques, top-rope systems, belaying and rappelling.


– 1 Day Wild Game processing/butchery   $900

After hunting or trapping game, how to field dress, skin, quarter and effectively butcher your harvest. Includes discussions on preferred cuts of meat, methods of preservation and use/preservation of hides & skins.


– 1 Day Basic Primitive Skills Workshop  $1000

Introduction and practice of the Rules of survival, making fire, making shelter, making clean water, and gathering food in most wilderness environments.



– 1 Day Rope Rescue Systems   $1000

Introduction to Rescue Systems (high angle/low angle): Anchors, Belays, Raising Systems, Lowering Systems. Knots and rope work used in basic rescue systems and how they can apply to backcountry self rescue.


– 1 Day Search and Rescue Skills Introduction   $1200

Introduction to Search Techniques & Considerations, Basic Rope Rescue Systems & rope work, Raising/Lowering & Mechanical Advantages, Orienteering/Land Navigation/Mapping,  Basic Tracking skills, Basic Backcountry Medicine, and Extrication/Transport Techniques.



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